Tuesday, December 11, 2007

How do I break in my new Galco holster

Galco holsters are made of the finest quality leather and workmanship. Although these holsters are very durable they require great care and maintenance in order to keep it in new condition.

The Galco holster when new will have a very tight fit however with the regular use of the holster the leather will relax and “mold” to your weapon. Please keep in mind the Galco holster will take time to break in like a leather mitt used in baseball or a new pair of jeans. After repeated use the holster will provide the perfect frame to secure your weapon to your body.

Before beginning the break in process of your Galco holster please make sure to unload your weapon. Always double check you weapon is unloaded. Remember you bought your holster to use long tern not to misfire a weapon.

Holsters with tension screws:

Since each weapon is different and require a fine tune to adjust specifically to your weapon many adjustments will need to be made in order to find the perfect fit for your Galco Holster. This can be a frustrating process initially but like riding a bike you will eventually master the tension screw process. I recommend checking the tension screws at least once every five to ten uses just to make sure the weapon is secure. Please keep in mind although very ideal do not use Loc-tite on the screws, besides the inability to adjust your Galco Holster it may even damage the leather and void the warranty.

What do I do if the fit is tight when holstering your weapon?

Do not force the weapon in it may damage the holster, like a new pair of shoes the Galco holster needs to be broken in gradually. A simple way of stretching the leather is by using your hand (do not use any tools, creams, oils etc). Gently flex the holster in all directions, please keep in mind do not fold, bend or yank you Galco holster this may cause permanent damage and creasing.

How do I break in the retention strap of my Galco Holster?

You may need to break in the retention strap of your Galco Holster in order to make the strap fit over the back of your weapon. Once again please always double check to make sure your weapon is fully unloaded before using the weapon with a holster during the break-in period.

I order to break in the retention strap I recommend using the thumb and middle of the index finger facing the thumb. Place the strap in-between these two fingers and gently but firmly roll it through your fingers multiple time. This repeated motion will eventually cause the leather to warm and release the natural oils of the leather. After doing this multiple time try holstering the weapon and closing the snap. If this does not work repeat the above method until the strap will sit closed with the weapon holstered. Keeping the weapon with the strap closed will not make the strap stretch however repeating the process I explained above will allow you to loosen the strap. Please keep in mind the leather will tighten again but it will be slightly more loose then the original condition. Using this method repeatedly is the only way to truly break in you Galco holster thumb break.

After using the above techniques and your are still not satisfied with the break in of your holster I recommend using Galco Draw-EZ which allows your holster to stretch a little more in order to accomodate your perfect fit.

How to Care for your Galco Holster for a long lasting leather life

Galco holsters are made of premium saddle leather and horsehide, because of the exceptional quality and workmanship of the Galco holster the required maintenance is minimal.

What Should You Do

  • Routinely clean your holster using Galco Leather Conditioner or a simple dye free, unscented hard glycerin soap. Just add a small amount of water and soap to a soft cloth and rub in. Use a soft dry cloth to wipe off the soap and water. Please do not use any addition oils like mink in order to maintain your holster they may darken the color and ruin the beauty of your holster.
  • Dry the leather naturally do not use any methods to shorten the drying time this may cause your holster to dry out and crack

What You Should Not Do to your Galco Holster

  • Do not place the holster underwater or under running water as this will wash away the natural oils on the surface of the Galco holster.
  • Do not use any conditioners products other then Galco Leather conditioner.
  • Do not leave your Galco holster in direct sunlight for an extended period of time

Using the above methods will guarantee you a long use of your holster.

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